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Re: monolithic Info vs. many Man buffers

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: monolithic Info vs. many Man buffers
Date: 14 Jul 2001 10:26:12 +0800
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[i am not a troll, in Chinese they say 'the deeper the love, the more
pointed the criticism' aizhishen zezhiqie, or something like that.]
ok, here we go...
|       The  full  documentation for tr is maintained as a Texinfo
|       manual.   If  the  info  and  tr  programs  are   properly
|       installed at your site, the command
|              info tr
|       should give you access to the complete manual.

well that's nice, but I'm reading the gawk manual in info right now and I
don't want to lose my place.

Hmmm, gosh, with the supposedly inferior 'man' command, I can have nice
independent instances of 
% *Man tr*                           3613
% *Man bash*                       263090
% *Man echo*                         1741
% *Man hexdump*                      9516
% *Man od*                           4133
with cursor positions etc... and I can pluck them from a buffer

But with the monolithic Info, I am stuck with utter oneness...

[Am I sounding all pitched and peevish like JWZ before the split? [was
he?  I was off line] luckily I lack brain power to do more than whine
:-)] [fix the bugs or I'll tell Mom]

OK, I guess I can have multiple infos in the shell via job
control... ok a different x window for each one or with the "screen"
multiplexer... sigh.

All's you gots  to do is make virtual separate infos available in the
buffer list just like the man pages above... [but don't prefix them
with, ugh, the same name...]
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