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Re: mule Chinese input inconveniences

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: mule Chinese input inconveniences
Date: 14 Jul 2001 10:31:05 +0800
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Small complaint about when I'm entering Chinese after using
toggle-input-method: OK, I've already got the character I like where I
want to put it.  Now say I want to move the cursor two characters
rightwards.  Well, can't use C-f, that is for selecting different
characters.  Can't use right arrow either, same problem.  Can't use
ESC, as that isn't independent at this point... Can use the finger
twisting C-\, which is bad when I still want to keep on entering more
chars... I just want to change the cursor position.  Can use SPC DEL
or RET DEL.  But that is sloppyish.  Perhaps "hands off C-f" "no fair
using up both C-f and right arrow and not leaving one left for
stopping character selection with cursor movement".

Another problem is that ones eyes don't want to look up and dig around
in the text to see what character has been selected each time.  One
wants to look at the same spot in the minibuffer... however looking
there will not necessarily tell the typer what character will actually
be inserted... especially later in a session when the remembered
sequences kick in... I'd say put the selected char in the minibuffer too.

Currently for longer [than 20 character] entry jobs, I do
$ emacs -nw file
and use xcin which knows multi character entry... yes, I know in the
future emacs can use xcin...   by the way emacs' v. v, v! etc. seems
smarter than xcin's alt-shift-o, alt-shift-, and I still haven't
figured out how to type big5 "!" in xcin.
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