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Mailing list information?

From: Mohit Agarwal
Subject: Mailing list information?
Date: 24 Jul 2001 03:33:48 -0700

THE URL <http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/emacs.html#HelpMailing>
mentions a mailing list <help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org> that is specifically
for asking for help with GNU Emacs.  It also says: ``To subscribe,
send mail to <help-gnu-emacs-request@gnu.org>.''.  I tried to
subscribe, and was told that it's actually about the newsgroup
gnu.emacs.help and no such mailing list actually exists.  I think that
the information on the mentioned WWW page needs to be corrected.  It
causes quite a bit of ambiguity, at least.


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