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Serbian keytable in Emacs

From: Milos Rancic
Subject: Serbian keytable in Emacs
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:08:04 +0200 (CEST)


Serbian keytable in Emacs follows (as Microsoft) unified Cyrillic keytable
from former Yugoslavia which is some kind of compilation of Serbian and
Macedonian keytables.

As now there are two different countries with two different standards
there is no reason to use that kind of keytable for Serbian language. In
the sense of conclusions of Board for Standardization of Serbian Language
(Odbor za standardizaciju srpskog jezika) I made Serbian Cyrillic keytable
for Linux console and X Window (in cooperation with Anton Zinoviev,
anton@lml.bas.bg); Anton made console keytables better and Debian includes
these keytables (for X is opposite: Anton made and I fixed some problems).

So, it would be very good to put in the Emacs that type of keytable. As I
am not Lisp/Emacs programmer it is difficult for me to find all relevant
stuffs for Emacs keytable. If it is possible, please send to me
configuration files with short manual (where to put codes) and I'll do it.

Milos Rancic

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