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Re: Suggestion: Make tar-mode activated in Emacs

From: Jari Aalto+mail.linux
Subject: Re: Suggestion: Make tar-mode activated in Emacs
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 02:20:49 +0300
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* 2001-08-02 dmaster@synopsys.com (David Masterson) gnu.emacs.bug
>>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> writes:
>> A package system seems too heavyweight, 
| Any particular reason why?  At the start, in Emacs, all we're talking
| about is really defining a standard directory structure where packages
| can be installed and automatically recognized.  That, in turn, would
| mean some manipulation of the "path" variables at start up to
| recognize where the new package is, but that's about it.
>> but this Debian idea
>>     See also the way Debian implements an init.d-like directory where
>>     each file installed there is loaded by Emacs on startup.
>> seems like a good feature.  
| This seems like just a subset of the above.  To ease the burden of the 
| init files figuring out where the rest of the package is, wouldn't you 
| need to establish some conventions on where the package should be?
| The site-lisp directory doesn't quite seem right for this as it tends
| to develop according to whatever convention the site administrator
| wants.

Regarding the location of the packages: 

I have solved this in one of the tools, that automatically figure out
the complete layout of the Eamcs Lsip directory tree.


    You install package tinypath.el

After that, nothing else is needed. You can add/remove/move any
files in or any directories in your ~/elisp or other site wide
directories and have a call:

    (load "that-package")

Regardless where it is located. The tracking system scans and notices
any news directories added to the harddisk, provided that they are
always under the site-lisp ROOT directories (like that ~/elisp).

For more information:


In page:

    -->  6th link: Tiny Tools TinyPath (Emacs auto configuration)


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