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Attention ALL Martial Arts Professionals...

From: masstraining2001
Subject: Attention ALL Martial Arts Professionals...
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 19:18:09 -0400

Attention ALL Martial Arts Business Owners
& Professional Martial Artists:

Whatever the case may be...Master Clark's 
MASS-Training Systems is the solution to make it happen.

MASS-Training is a comprehensive staff development program that uses multimedia interactive technology. The information used in this training is the procedures and systems that the world's most successful martial arts school owner has developed over the past thirty years.

Sr. Master William Clark will share his secrets of secrets on how to develop, train and motivate a world class staff. Every piece of information in each module is exactly what is used in Master Clark's highly successful and profitable schools that have produced thousands of quality black belts.

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Our full suite of Martial Arts Management instructional products ranges from bleeding edge CD-ROMs to superior quality audio cassette tapes to instructional workbooks and study guides for times when you're on the go. Each is packed with the crucial information and expert tips and tricks you need to optimize your business on a daily basis.

From answering the phone in a revenue-friendly manner to transforming your staff into a powerhouse team of dynamic frontline go-getters, Sr. Master Clark will take your hand and walk you, step by step, toward your success as a martial arts business.

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Don't sit and ask yourself if this could be the answer to your martial arts business you've been looking for...
Find out for yourself by visiting our website now !

Click the following link to enter online training...

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