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Re: Electricity in keyboard macros

From: Christopher S. Kush
Subject: Re: Electricity in keyboard macros
Date: 10 Aug 2001 13:33:14 -0600
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Earlier this same thread, EZ wrote:
> I think a keyboard macro is supposed to behave exactly as if
> you typed those keys from the keyboard.  Think of it as a
> playback facility.

Eli Zaretskii now writes:
> [The executing-macro variable] holds the text of the macro that
> is being executed, and is meant to be used by commands that
> want to behave differently when invoked from a macro.

No way.  You have to pick one -- you're not President Bush, you
know.  Since commands are allowed (nay, encouraged!) to behave
differently as part of a keyboard macro, what specifically is
unreasonable about asking that

. o 0 ( C-x b *scratch*<RET>M-x c-mode<RET>C-h b }C-x b<RET> )

c-electric-brace do this very thing, i.e. shut up when invoked
from a macro?

Okay, let me answer my own question -- in the case the OP
described, it would be nice -- no ten-minute delays while C-u 100
C-x e works its magic.  OTOH, suppose you have to update 17
similar expressions in a C program.  You record a kbd-macro, then
one by one find each target and C-x e.  The electric-flash gives
you a warm fuzzy feeling that the macro really worked.

Sorry.  Long day.

Christopher S. Kush

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