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Expected macro behavior (was: Macros don't work in Dired)

From: deja8501
Subject: Expected macro behavior (was: Macros don't work in Dired)
Date: 18 Aug 2001 09:15:56 -0700

eliz@is.elta.co.il (Eli Zaretskii) wrote in message 
> The morale?  Don't bind keys to keyboard macros which run commands that ask
> for input.

You say that when running a macro, all input must be available. I
think this might not be what the user expects.

I recently implemented a GUI event record/playback application which
is quite similar to a macro. The recorder records every input event
and when playing back, it inserts the events one by one into the event
queue. After inserting an event, the recorder waits until every
generated event is processed and then it inserts the next event into
the loop.

This way there is no difference between user input and playing back
recorded event sequences. My original bug report was sent because I
thought that the inability to record incomplete event sequences (when
not all input is available for a function invoked by a macro) is a
bug, that is I cannot record a macro for e.g. Dired which offers a
default file name when renaming ("Rbackup" or something like that). (I
know that it probably could be done with hooks, but recording a macro
is much more simple).

I don't know the implementation of the Emacs macro facility, but I
think this behavior should be provided as an option if possible.

What do you think?

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