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Re: CC Mode 5.25 (C); electricity in keyboard macros

From: Martin Stjernholm
Subject: Re: CC Mode 5.25 (C); electricity in keyboard macros
Date: 20 Aug 2001 14:37:33 +0200
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Fabrice Bauzac <noon@cote-dazur.com> wrote:

> When I "C-x ( { } C-x )", and when I execute it with e.g. "C-u C-u C-x
> e", the electric } flashes for one second each time it is inserted (I
> mean, it highlights the matching '{'): I think c-electric-brace should
> check for executing-macro and, if not nil, turn off the 1-second
> highlight.  It applies to ')' too.

Good suggestion, I've now added checks on executing-macro.

Perhaps it'd be even better if there was some kind of wrapper function
around blink-paren-function that programmers could call that does
checks like this as appropriate? It could also handle the case when
blink-paren-function is nil.

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