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Benevolent Information

From: Benevolent Assistance
Subject: Benevolent Information
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 13:16:19 -0400

How can you be sure that the individuals seeking help from your assistance organization really are in need?  How do you know that they have not already received help from another organization?   That's the question that faces every church or assistance organization as they administer a benevolent program. Times truly have changed from when you could trust everyone that asked for help. Sad but true, it is common place for individuals to use benevolent agencies for gain rather than need. Many times they receive multiple help for a single need.

How can you know where they have been and how much they have already received? Is it a real need, or are they simply living off benevolent organizations. Well, now there is a way that you can be sure. It's Charity Check!

If you administer an assistance program at your church or other organization then you cannot be without the services of Charity Check.  Take the time to visit our site ( http://www.charityck.com ) and you will quickly see the benefits that await you and your organization.


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