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*Quail Completions* backwards of what one expects [Chinese big5]

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: *Quail Completions* backwards of what one expects [Chinese big5]
Date: 24 Aug 2001 00:33:31 +0800
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When I type shan<TAB> the contents of *Quail Completions* buffer are
displayed backwards of what one expects:

Possible completion and corresponding translations are:
 shan: -
   shang: -
     shang5:(1/1) 1.裳
     shang4:(1/1) 1.上 2.尚 3.爙 4.姠 5.仩
     shang3:(1/1) 1.賞 2.晌 3.上
     shang1:(1/2) 1.商 2.傷 3.殤 4.觴 5.湯 6.漡 7.蔏 8.螪 9.謪 0.鬺
   shan4:(1/3) 1.善 2.扇 3.汕 4.擅 5.膳 6.繕 7.鄯 8.煽 9.訕 0.單
         (2/3) 1.贍 2.疝 3.鱔 4.騸 5.墠 6.嬗 7.掞 8.摲 9.謆 0.墡
         (3/3) 1.釤 2.蟺 3.赸 4.儃
   shan3:(1/1) 1.閃 2.陜 3.睒 4.晱 5.覢
   shan1:(1/3) 1.山 2.扇 3.衫 4.杉 5.刪 6.珊 7.羶 8.舢 9.煽 0.潸
         (2/3) 1.跚 2.姍 3.芟 4.苫 5.搧 6.摻 7.縿 8.穇 9.挻 0.烻
         (3/3) 1.狦 2.笘 3.剼
one would expect the shan's before the shang's, and the tones not
backward too.

Sorry a typhoon wrecked my phone lines so I was unable to use the
Internet for several weeks.
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