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Re: kill-rectangle, yank-rectangle and copy-rectangle

From: Knut Forkalsrud
Subject: Re: kill-rectangle, yank-rectangle and copy-rectangle
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 22:33:43 GMT
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jsykari@cc.hut.fi (Antti Sykäri) writes:

> Now you would have to do the following in order to copy a rectangular
> region:
> <Select a region>
> C-x r k          ; kill the region
> <Go to upper left corner of the place where the region was>
> C-x r y          ; copy the region back

I find it easier to kill the region and then do an immediate undo.
This way the buffer is not marked as modified.  But yes, a real
"copy-rectangle" function would be better.

> I also am of the humble opinion that the keyboard commands for those two
> were set somewhat non-sensibly.

I agree.

> C-x r M-w   copy-rectangle
> C-x r C-y   yank-rectangle
> C-x r C-w   kill-rectangle

This looks nice.


Hard work often pays off after time.  But laziness always pays off now.

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