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Bug in vc.el, vc-insert-headers

From: Dr. Edmund Weitz
Subject: Bug in vc.el, vc-insert-headers
Date: 30 Aug 2001 02:37:41 +0200
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I think there's a bug in Emacs' vc mode which makes insert-vc-headers
_always_ think that version control headers are already there if
you're using CVS:

Line 3068 in vc.el is

     'RCS       ;; CVS works like RCS in this regard.

but I think it should be

     RCS        ;; CVS works like RCS in this regard.

because vc-backend-dispatch is a macro and thus doesn't evaluate it's

My Emacs version is 20.7 and it came with the SuSE's 7.2 GNU/Linux
distribution. I just checked that the same line 3068 can also be found
in the 20.7 sources that can be downloaded from the GNU mirror at

Sorry to bother you if this has already been fixed.


Dr. Edmund Weitz

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