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From: RP Johns
Subject: find-grep-dired
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 10:50:13 -0500

In GNU Emacs 20.6.1 (i386-*-nt4.0.1381)
 of Tue Feb 29 2000 on buffy
configured using `configure NT'

find-grep-dired doesn't work under nt. In a shell,
It did work when I got rid of all the backslash characters.
But how can I change the way emacs formats the command

For now, i have no choice but to edit find-dired.el to modify a few
strings that are hard-coded there, byte-compile it, and then use it.

To solve this problem in a reasonable way, these strings should become
defcustom's or should be computed as appropriate for each OS.

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