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Re: M-x grep: time to clean up /dev/null kludge

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: M-x grep: time to clean up /dev/null kludge
Date: 16 Sep 2001 05:33:36 +0800
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Dan> You know, something has to be done about /dev/null kludge in M-x grep:
Dan> (grep "grep -n -e www *|wc")

Dan> cd ~/geocities/
Dan> grep -n -e www *|wc /dev/null
Dan>       0       0       0 /dev/null

Of course adding ";:" :
(grep "grep -n -e www *|wc;:")
can be used as a stopgap in the meantime by impatient users.

By the way, the history lists of M-x compile and M-x grep seemingly
have no easy way to be mutually read by M-p etc.  There ought to be a
way, but not via M-p itself...  Indeed, there also should be an easy
way to exchange history with dired's history too, etc.
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