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Re: setenv

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: setenv
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 00:03:59 GMT

david@desjardins.org (David desJardins) writes:
> I don't understand what you are losing when Emacs crashes.  If you are
> losing more than five minutes worth of work, I think you are doing
> something wrong.  That's what backups and autosave files are for.  When
> the power goes out, do you also lose a week's work?

Well, it's always annoying to lose all the various state that's built up
inside your emacs session, e.g., all the output inside shell and gdb
buffers (not to mention the running state of the program in the case of
the latter).

But your point is well taken -- that's one of the great things about
emacs, it really does make it hard to lose information, even though it
does occasionally crash.  My girlfriend generally uses a web-based mail
account, but even she prefers to write email messages inside of emacs,
because she doesn't lose everything when netscape, or X, or whatever
decides to crash.

80% of success is just showing up.  --Woody Allen

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