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Re: 21.x feature request: windows shortcut support

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: 21.x feature request: windows shortcut support
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 23:51:54 -0600 (MDT)

    With respect to opening a shortcut, does Emacs keep any side-lists of
    information about the files that it opens?

When Emacs visits a file, it keeps lots of information about that file
in local variables in the buffer.  But I don't know whether that
relates to your question; the question is very general.  What sort of
information do you want to save?

      Could Emacs resolve the
    shortcut and stuff the above information into such a "side-list"?

In what scenario?  What is the operation that the user did?

    I'm not much of a Windows developer, but I think the terminology is
    wrong here.  Windows doesn't use shortcuts for "execution" -- it uses
    them for "resolution".

If "resolution" could entail diverse activities such as running a
program or opening a text file, then Emacs has no such concept and
that cannot fit into Emacs.  When you use the Emacs command find-file,
it is supposed to visit a file in some way.  Variations on how this is
done can fit in to the conceptual structure, but running a program
instead of visiting a file just does not fit.  Likewise, when you do
start-process, it has to make a subprocess; to visit a file instead
would be unacceptable.

Maybe this means Emacs cannot usefully support shortcuts.
Or maybe Emacs can do so somehow but it won't be like what
happens in some other programs.

I think the thing to do is leave it up to Windows users to handle
shortcuts.  If they write clean code for shortcuts and Windows users
are happy with the results, we can install it.

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