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Re: unicode in emacs 21

From: Jimmy Kaplowitz
Subject: Re: unicode in emacs 21
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 12:19:12 -0500
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On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 05:04:22PM +0000, Dave Love wrote:
> >>>>> "OD" == Oliver Doepner <address@hidden> writes:
>  OD> There is vim 6.x now with full utf-8 support on the xterm.
> [Does `full utf-8 support' mean level 3?]

Well, it handles double-width characters as well as up to two combining
characters. It's the only editor I've used (including Yudit) that could
display the sequence U+0283 U+034D correctly.

> Emacs can do utf-8 i/o under ttys that support it, though you don't
> _need_ such support -- either input or output -- to edit utf-8 text.
>  OD> It is much faster than emacs on x11 of course.
> I'm surprised that's much of an issue.  I assume Emacs under X is much
> more capable.

Well, Emacs does have more features (including some that are less
essential, such as doctor mode :), but vim has quite enough for most

>  OD> I was happy to see Emacs 21 announced. but the unicode support
>  OD> does not seem to have moved forward very much
> It's moved from zero to the state where it's perfectly fine for
> editing at least the Western technical text that interests me.  E.g.,
> Kuhn's UTF-8-demo.utf works modulo the level 2 text, for which one can
> add support straightforwardly at the Lisp level.  It also allowed
> producing coding systems for all the 8-bit charsets for GNUish
> locales, which perhaps matters more in the wide world than utf-8 per
> se.  With some customization, I can also at least _display_
> utf-8-encoded CJK text.  I can send and receive utf-8-encoded mail and
> browse utf-8-encoded web sites (with the development W3 package).

Vim can display the UTF-8-demo file perfectly, with no exceptions. Also,
although I haven't tested this, I am told it can write as well as
display utf-8 CJK text.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
address@hidden / address@hidden

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