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Re: incorrect redraw

From: Raphaël Berbain
Subject: Re: incorrect redraw
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 11:23:54 -0800
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Gerd Moellmann writes:

>> Could you please try the patch below?  The space below the tool bar
>> is the internal border.

Ah ?  I didn't realise that.  Thanks for the info.

>> It doesn't look good if there is no room between the bottom of the
>> tool bar and the text in the window below it.
> I've forgotten the patch...  Here it is
> *** xdisp.c   2001/10/29 10:15:30     1.695
> --- xdisp.c   2001/10/30 13:56:50

Unfortunatly, I can still see the same misbehavior as the one I
described in my original message.  More info:

- When internalBorder <= 6, there's no problem.

- When 7 <= internalBorder <= 14, only the bottom part of the toolbar
  exhibits a redraw problem.

- When 15 <= internalBorder, the bottom part of the toolbar and the
  modeline aren't redrawn correctly.


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