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urgent business proposal

From: Ulari Eleazer
Subject: urgent business proposal
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 06:30:08 -0800 (PST)

Ulari Eleazer,
E-mail: address@hidden
Tel: 234-80-23045248
Fax: 234-1-7599033

Dear Sir, 

I must solicit for your strictest confidence and
utmost secrecy in this exercise owing to its origin
and purpose my name is Ulari Eleazer, the family
lawyer to the former military head of state General
Sanni Abacha (late) who died as a result of cardiac
arrest, since after his death his family has been
under restriction of movement, all their bank accounts
here and abroad has been frozen by the Nigerian
civilian Government.Further more, the eldest son is in
detention for interrogation about the father’s assets
and some vital documents following the recent
discovery of the family accounts by the Nigerian
government with Swiss bank in which the huge sum of
$700,000,000.00 (Seven Hundred Million United States
Dollars) and $450,000,000.00 (Four Hundred and Fifty
Million United States Dollars) was lodged.

Therefore, the wife of the late military head of state
formerly Nigerian first lady instructed me as the long
time and reliably family lawyer to contact you in
confidence that she was able to move out the sum of
the $ (Seventy five million United States
Dollars) in which was secretly defaced and sealed in
such a way to avoid immigration and security.

I personally, therefore appeal to you for your urgent
assistance to claim this money from the security
company, since she cannot live the country due to the
restriction of movement imposed on the members of her
family by the Nigerian Government. Upon receipt of
your good response I will direct you and liaisie with
you towards effective conclusion of this claims.

Meanwhile arrangement has been put in place to send to
you the shipment Airway Bill of the consignment and
other related documents so that you can go for the
claim as soon you contact me. Be advised to state your
private telephone and fax numbers for easy
communication and detailed explanation into this
business through my private E-mail address:
address@hidden or my fax number: 234-1-7599033
or Tel. No: 234-80-23045248

 Moreover, Madam believe so much that I am the only
one that could rescue the situation of the family from
the hands of the present Civilian regime, that is I am
soliciting for our strictest confidence and utmost
secrecy in this transaction.

Perhaps we meet in you country after the claim to
invest our share of the fund. Madam and I are prepared
to offer you 25% of the total sum.

Yours sincerely,

Ulari Eleazer,
E-mail: address@hidden    .
Tel: 234-80-23045248
Fax: 234-1-7599033

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