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Re: feature request for ediff

From: Hannu Koivisto
Subject: Re: feature request for ediff
Date: 02 Nov 2001 23:26:35 +0200
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address@hidden (Michael Kifer) writes:

| Ediff does traverse the dir tree. However, you must actually visit each
| directory in the ediff window in order to see if there are changes.

I know, that's what I tried to say with "instead of one ediff
session buffer per directory" but I should have said "one ediff
session group buffer per directory" (I hope that is correct now).

The point, which me and agrawal seem to have difficulties
communicating, is: I want to see the whole directory tree at once
and not separately visit gazillion directories.

| What might be reasonable is to prune out the directories that have no
| differences.

Hmm.  I think they shouldn't be touched in the current scheme (at
least by default).  On the other hand, if you could insert/expand
other directories to the session group buffer the way I'd like,
then this simply follows from =h; i.e. if all the files in some
directory get hidden, you can hide the directory information as

| However, the devil is always in the details. For instance,
| what do you do with remote directories?

What do you mean?

| The implementation of remote access in Dired is not transparent
| in emacs. (By the way, the implementation in

I'm not quite sure I understand what Dired has to do with Ediff
here.  Does Ediff use Dired to list directories?


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