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From: NAKAJIMA Mikio
Subject: dired-do-toggle
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 08:12:29 +0900
User-agent: Wanderlust/2.7.5 (Too Funky) SEMI/1.14.3 (Ushinoya) FLIM/1.14.3 (畝傍御陵前) APEL/10.3 Emacs/21.1 (i586-pc-linux-gnu) MULE/5.0 (SAKAKI)

In GNU Emacs 21.1.1 (i586-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll bars)
 of 2001-10-24 on pcg-c1.minakaji.gr.jp
configured using `configure  --with-x --with-x-toolkit=athena --with-gcc 
--without-pop --with-xpm --with-jpeg --with-tiff --with-gif --with-png 
--without-xim --with-sound=yes'
Important settings:
  value of $LC_ALL: ja_JP.eucJP
  value of $LC_COLLATE: nil
  value of $LC_CTYPE: nil
  value of $LC_MESSAGES: nil
  value of $LC_MONETARY: nil
  value of $LC_NUMERIC: nil
  value of $LC_TIME: nil
  value of $LANG: ja_JP.eucJP
  locale-coding-system: japanese-iso-8bit
  default-enable-multibyte-characters: t

  In dired mode, after some files are marked by calling
`dired-do-toggle', when I call some command for the marked files by
calling `dired-do-shell-command', Emacs says `No file on this line'.

  Sincerely yours,
NAKAJIMA Mikio <address@hidden>

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