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Re: broken `sigblock' defns

From: Golubev I. N.
Subject: Re: broken `sigblock' defns
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 18:06:51 (GMT)

> Does it work if you add the following to src/s/sco5.h?
> #define SIGMASKTYPE int

`sigset_t' is `long' in system header.  Yes, that works around.  Do
not know final result yet.

> Because I don't want to risk breaking other platforms because of a
> problem that is specific to SCO 3.2.5.  I'd prefer a change that only
> affects that single system.

And bloat "s/" stuff.  That constant fear of `breaking' makes me feel
that people do not understand fully what they do.

> Specifically, some of the branches of syssignal.h that define
> sigblock and sigunblock seem to imply that some of the systems have
> SIGMASKTYPE defined in their system headers.  So I don't want to mess
> with those other systems.

So what?  Anyway, `SIGMASKTYPE sigprocmask_set;' outside all #if's in
"sysdep.c" is right.  `extern SIGMASKTYPE sigprocmask_set;' outside
all #if's and after last possible (re-)definition of `SIGMASKTYPE' in
"syssignal.h" should also be right.

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