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Re: Emacs Manual: Editing Format Information

From: Devon
Subject: Re: Emacs Manual: Editing Format Information
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 16:00:47 -0500 (EST)

In (emacs) Editing Format Info
reference to facemenu-remove-props
should be facemenu-remove-face-props

A separate question now occurs to me.
Are all the menu-only commands documented?
Here is the menu in question...

tmm-km-list =>
(("f==>Face"                    fc . facemenu-face-menu)
 ("F==>Foreground Color"        fg . facemenu-foreground-menu)
 ("b==>Background Color"        bg . facemenu-background-menu)
 ("s==>Special Properties"      sp . facemenu-special-menu)
 ("j==>Justification"           ju . facemenu-justification-menu)
 ("i==>Indentation"             in . facemenu-indentation-menu)

 ("r==>Remove Face Properties"  rm . facemenu-remove-face-props)        ; <-- 

 ("R==>Remove Text Properties"  ra . facemenu-remove-all)       ; Editing 
Format Info
 ("l==>List Properties"         dp . list-text-properties-at)   ; Editing 
Format Info
 ("d==>Display Faces"           df . list-faces-display)        ; Faces; Font 
 ("D==>Display Colors"          dc . list-colors-display)       ; Frame 
Parameters; Colors X; Format Colors

Text Properties (up/down to change, PgUp to menu): f==>Face

...I suggest the two display commands documented in this node
refer to the M-x keyboard commands that directly invoke them.
As published they cannot be found without reading lisp code.

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          X       Help Cure HTML Mail
         / \

PS: Checking this was so tedious, I'm tempted to write code
to check all the menus and submenus.  Not sure it's feasible.

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