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Re: quail big5 chinese: add another ling2 as alias for zero

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: quail big5 chinese: add another ling2 as alias for zero
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 09:00:13 +0900 (JST)

Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:
> Apparently for big5 chinese input, one is forced to type vlogo as
> there is no shortcut "vl" etc. even though it is the only completion.

> Possible completion and corresponding translations are:
>  vl: -
>    vlo: -
>      vlog: -
h>        vlogo:(1/3) 1.* 2.※ 3.§ 4.〃 5.○ 6.● 7.△ 8.▲ 9.◎ 0.☆
>            (2/3) 1.★ 2.◇ 3.◆ 4.□ 5.■ 6.▽ 7.▼ 8.㊣ 9.℅ 0.¯
>            (3/3) 1. ̄ 2._ 3.ˍ 4.﹉ 5.﹊ 6.﹍ 7.﹎ 8.﹋ 9.﹌

Isn't it too smart to make "vl" automatically "vlogo"?

But, I agree that it is more convenient to make, for instance, "vl
TAB" complete "vl" to "vlogo" and also show the above list.

The key TAB while translating is handled by the function
quail-completion of quail.el.  Are there anyone who want implement
such a feature?  I'll help people understanding the code, but I'm
currently too busy to do that by myself.

> Also it would be nice to also add the ○ character to the ling2 list, as it
> is a common way to write 'zero' in chinese...
> $ grep ○ xcin/cin/big5/pinyin.cin 
> ling2    ○

I agree.  But, it is better not to modify leim/CXTERM-DIC/PY-b5.tit
itself.  Until we find a good way to add Emacs original translation
rule as above, please use this kind of form in your .emacs.

(eval-after-load "quail/PY-b5"
  '(quail-defrule "ling2" ?○))

Ken'ichi HANDA

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