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Re: Crashes at C-x 1

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Crashes at C-x 1
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 11:54:12 +0200 (IST)

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001 address@hidden wrote:

> >>>>>>>>(At this point I hit C-x 1)
> Breakpoint 2, x_error_quitter (display=0x84285d8, error=0xbffd1124)
>     at xterm.c:12015
> >>>>>>>>>> (At this point the window splits - the first is the backtrace
> >>>>>>>>>> - second is the output from gdb)
> Signaling: (error "Toolbar spec must be list or nil" #<buffer "xterm.c">)
>   check-valid-instantiator(#<buffer "xterm.c"> toolbar)
>   canonicalize-spec(#<buffer "xterm.c"> toolbar nil) byte-code("..."
>   [specifier-type res2 noerror spec-list result rest nil throw cann-spec-list 
> t
>   signal error "Invalid list format" canonicalize-spec] 5)
> canonicalize-spec-list((#<buffer "xterm.c"> [eos::toolbar-stop-at-icon
>   gdb-break t "Stop at selected position"] [eos::toolbar-stop-in-icon 
> gdb-break
>   t "Stop in function whose name is selected"] [eos::toolbar-clear-at-icon
>   gdbsrc-delete t "Clear at selected position"] [eos::toolbar-evaluate-icon
>   gdb-print-c-sexp t "Evaluate selected expression; shows in separate XEmacs
>   frame"] [eos::toolbar-evaluate-star-icon gdb-*print-c-sexp t "Evaluate
>   selected expression as a pointer; shows in separate XEmacs frame"]
>   [eos::toolbar-run-icon gdbsrc-run t "Run current program"]
>   [eos::toolbar-cont-icon gdbsrc-cont t "Continue current program"]
>   [eos::toolbar-step-into-icon gdbsrc-step t "Step into (aka step)"]
>   [eos::toolbar-step-over-icon gdbsrc-next t "Step over (aka next)"]
>   [eos::toolbar-up-icon gdbsrc-up t "Stack Up (towards \"cooler\" - less
>   recently visited - frames)"] [eos::toolbar-down-icon gdbsrc-down t "Stack
>   Down (towards \"warmer\" - more recently visited - frames)"]
>   [eos::toolbar-fix-icon nil nil "Fix (not available with gdb)"]

This seems to indicate that you are using some kind of add-on
packages: I cannot see gdbsrc-down and eos::toolbar anywhere in the
Emacs 21 Lisp files.

What are these add-on packages?  Is it possible that they are
incompatible with Emacs 21?  In particular, the error message "Toolbar
spec must be list or nil" seems an indication of some fundamental

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