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find-tag hangs on Emacs 21.1 Win 2000.

From: stephane saux
Subject: find-tag hangs on Emacs 21.1 Win 2000.
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 14:46:10 -0800
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I created a TAGS file using etags (same installation as emacs 21.1), then I issue the find-tag command.

In some cases, I can find a tag the first time I look for one, then any subsequent find-tag hangs. Control-G will get me back where I was when I issued the command.

In other cases it fails at the first time or when I try to visit-tag-table. I've found that emacs will set both tags-file-name and tags-table-list even though the doc for there variables specify that only one should be set.

Any idea?

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