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Re: customize-face: inverse-video does not work when customizing the men

From: Daniel Ortmann
Subject: Re: customize-face: inverse-video does not work when customizing the menu face
Date: 18 Nov 2001 11:36:31 -0600
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> From: test <address@hidden>
>> Reply-To: address@hidden
>> Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 01:01:27 -0600 (CST)

>> I set the custom menu colors as follows:

>> [X] Inverse-video: Value Menu On
>> [X] Foreground: Value Menu Color: black       (sample)
>> [X] Background: Value Menu Color: gray75      (sample)

>> The result is that the foreground is black and the background is
>> gray75.  I expected that the colors would be inverted similarly to
>> the customized mode line face.

> Sorry, this is not enough info for me to be sure what is going on.
> Please at least tell the exact name of the face you customized this
> way.

The "menu" face.

> If you tried to customize the `menu' face, then I think this is the
> expected behavior: Emacs currently cannot control the colors of the
> toolkit widgets, and the menu bar and pop-up menus are created by the
> toolkit in your build.  But if this is the case, the foreground and
> background colors cannot be customized, while you seem to say that the
> colors customization did work...

Yes, it can be customized.  I was able to change the foreground and
background colors of the menu face.  I just rechecked the behavior again
to triple-check myself.

I thought it likely that some faces might not yet be fully customizable.
There are two reasons I reported "a bug" that the color inversion did
not work: 1) was that the fore- and back- menu colors were customizable,
and 2) that color inversion worked for the mode-line face.

> If I try the above for a different face, such as mode-line, I do get
> what you expect: the colors are inverted.

Yes, me too.

I am able to customize colors for both the menu and mode-line faces, but
color inversion only works for mode-line.

Daniel Ortmann, 2414 30 Av NW, #D, Rochester, MN 55901
address@hidden (h)   / 507.288.7732 (h)
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