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Re: Bug#119631: emacs21: CVS commit vie C-x C-q takes over second window

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: Bug#119631: emacs21: CVS commit vie C-x C-q takes over second window, then deletes it when you C-c C-c to finish comment
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 16:05:42 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.090004 (Oort Gnus v0.04) Emacs/21.1

This was reported recently, and I didn't know whether or not it is
something that you'd want to change, but I figured I'd forward it on.

If you don't mind, please maintain the Cc: to 119631-forwarded so
we'll know what you decide.


Britton Leo Kerin <address@hidden> writes:

> Package: emacs21
> Version: 21.1-4
> Severity: minor
> It would be nice if it instead restored the old buffer of the taken
> over window, so you end up with as many windows as you started with
> after a commit.
> -- System Information
> Debian Release: testing/unstable
> Architecture: i386
> Kernel: Linux anorien 2.4.12 #1 Mon Oct 15 11:00:28 AKDT 2001 i586
> Locale: LANG=C, LC_CTYPE=
> Versions of packages emacs21 depends on:
> ii  dpkg                      1.9.18         Package maintenance system for 
> Deb
> ii  emacsen-common            1.4.13         Common facilities for all 
> emacsen.
> ii  libc6                     2.2.4-5        GNU C Library: Shared libraries 
> an
> ii  libjpeg62                 6b-1.3         The Independent JPEG Group's 
> ii  liblockfile1              1.03           NFS-safe locking library, 
> includes
> ii  libncurses5               5.2.20010318-3 Shared libraries for terminal 
> hand
> ii  libpng2                   1.0.12-2       PNG library - runtime
> ii  libtiff3g                 3.5.5-6        Tag Image File Format library
> ii  xaw3dg                    1.5-8          Xaw3d widget set
> ii  xlibs                     4.1.0-9        X Window System client libraries
> ii  zlib1g                    1:1.1.3-17     compression library - runtime

Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org, @linuxdevel.com, and @debian.org
Previously @cs.utexas.edu
GPG=1C58 8B2C FB5E 3F64 EA5C  64AE 78FE E5FE F0CB A0AD

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