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emacs port to cygwin

From: y_suzudo
Subject: emacs port to cygwin
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:51:56 +0900

Dear Sir,

     This is not a bug report, but to submit you a patch that enables
Emacs to work in Cygwin environment.

     My own environment is "Cygwin 1.3.5" + "XFree86 for Cygwin".  In
this environment, Emacs, with this patch, runs on X, xterm, rxvt with
or without X, kterm(an xterm clone with Japanese support), and Cygnus
bash shell in Dos Windows.

     Changes to existing files are surrouned by "#if(n)def __CYGWIN__"
"#endif" pair, to make it easy to understand what I have done.  Some
files, namely sheap-adjust.h, sheap.c, sysfile.h and unexcw.c, were
newly added.  These new files, together with most changes to existing
files,were imported from XEmacs source.

     I tried not to change the files and codes that were imported from
XEmacs source as much as possible.  Even copyright notices have not
been changed yet.

        As I am not a professional programmer, the codes might be
incorrect, inefficient or ugly.  I would appreciate if someone could
clean them up.


*     In "configure", two entries were added i.e. cygwin and mingw, but
mingw entry does not work i.e. I have done nothing with it.

*      Even if you do not define HAVE_VFORK in src/s/cygwin32.h, every
function would work fine (possibly it would give some additional
functionality which you cannot get with vfork). But without it,
executing external commands would take a long time.

*     "make" process might stop for several reasons.

- If you see a message saying "Static heap size should be adjusted,
  Don't Panic!  Please restart the `make'", simply restart "make"

- If it happens just after dumping is finished, simply restart "make"

- If above two cases do not apply, it might be due to insufficient
  static heap size. Edit src/sheap-adjust.h such that SHEAP_ADJUSTMENT
  has bigger value (f.ex. "0"), remove sheap.o, and try "make" again.

  I hope this patch helps you.

  Yasushi Suzudo


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