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Re: compilation-scroll-output should be an autoload

From: Christopher S. Kush
Subject: Re: compilation-scroll-output should be an autoload
Date: 19 Nov 2001 11:41:25 -0700
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Stefan Monnier writes:
> It looks unrelated to the patch you sent.


> And it sounds very odd as a matter of fact.  Can you reproduce
> the problem with debug-on-error set to t and shows us the
> backtrace ?

That is my goal.  As I stated elsewhere, I'm having trouble
reproducing it.  Therefore, I am embarking on a two-pronged
approach.  I will try to hunt the bug down, but in the meantime I
have wrapped my code with this:

      (let ((saved-debug-on-error debug-on-error))
        (set 'debug-on-error 't)
        ;; ...
        ;; buggy(?) code here.
        ;; ...
        (set 'debug-on-error saved-debug-on-error))

in the hopes that the next time it happens, I'll get a backtrace.

   "One does not wait for (X)Emacs to load,
    one jumps up and down with excitement."
                   -- Henrik Enberg

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