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Re: some emacs-21.1.1 problems

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: some emacs-21.1.1 problems
Date: 24 Nov 2001 14:44:27 +0000
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address@hidden (David Kastrup) writes:

> With Emacs, you can try fixing its operation under Windows.  Instead
> of supporting those that do, people in here occasionally seem bent on
> tirading against the operating system in general and not doing
> anything.

It is not my experience that people in here do not support the work of
those who contribute to the effort of making Emacs work on Windows.
But at the same time, it is not unreasonable for the FSF to encourage
people to consider the use of free software on top of non-free operating
systems as a transitional step toward using a completely free system,
especially when they are having problems that are fundamentally
caused by design decisions made by the designers of the non-free
operating system, over which the users have no control.

Jason Rumney

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