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Re: Ukrainian support in GNU Emacs 21.1

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: Ukrainian support in GNU Emacs 21.1
Date: 25 Nov 2001 17:51:34 +0000
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I have already done a koi8-u environment, based on a proper
(Unicode-based, and thus complete) definition of koi8-u, to be invoked
in a UA locale.  I also have proper versions of windows-1251 and
cp866.  These shouldn't need specific changes elsewhere, like in Gnus,
with Gnus coding conversion fixed to do the right thing.

Are `koi8-ru' and `cp866u' common and correct aliases for koi8-u and
windows-1251, as the code in README.UK implies?  (By correct, I mean
the definitions are identical, not just overlapping.)  In GNU recode
koi8-u and koi8-ru are different, and I can't find a reference to

If you can tell me where to find the definition of cp1125 in terms of
Unicode, I can make that trivially.

Why have you redefined the cyrillic-ukrainian input method rather than
keeping it or renaming it?  Is the new version what Ukrainian users
will always want as default, and does it conform to some standard?  [I
assume someone has asked for a copyright assignment for the input

Sorry if README.UK explains some of this -- the local Ukrainian
speaker isn't around at present.

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