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Writing a patch for the emacs Tex interface

From: Rod Farmer
Subject: Writing a patch for the emacs Tex interface
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 10:58:11 +1100
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Hi there,
        Recently I was using the Tex mode in Emacs and I noticed the following

\textit{There was a \textbf{cat} on the mat}
There was a is emphasized
Cat is bold
on the mat is emphasized.

However if I do
{\em There was a {\bf cat} on the mat}
Then, There was is emphasized and cat bold but on the mat is plain and  the bold
cat is not emphasized heheh sounds funny, sorry.

ANYWAYYYYY, I would love to write a patch for this but have no idea which files
are concerned. Could you let me know sometime soon and I'll get straight to it.


Rod Farmer
++ Rod Farmer
++ M.Eng(Sc) Student
++ The University of Melbourne, Australia
++ Deparment of Computer Science and Software Engineering
++ 207 Bouverie Street
++ Parkville, 3010
++ Victoria, Australia

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## Tel: +61 3 8344 9140

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