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those dired mark pilot error reports keep rolling in

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: those dired mark pilot error reports keep rolling in
Date: 01 Dec 2001 03:11:55 +0800
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in dired do
m SPC SPC [...enough to put the first mark off the screen, now go to
the bathroom and come back] ... SPC ! some_command

well, if the file marked was 4A582162F and the file you are now
positioned is 4A582169F there is nary a chance that you'll notice that
the file in the message line is not the same as the one the cursor is
on, in fact even if the file name is as different as NurDsBurg.bla you
won't notice that you are not operating the file under the cursor, but
instead on that old mark you made before you went to the bathroom and
forgot about it...

I'm not sure what to do about this... <blink> you are about to operate
on a file off the screen, or even on the screen, but not under the
cursor, which you seem to have marked more than 1 minute ago and might
have forgot about.  Accept? [sign here]</blink>

For instance, for the command "!xli", I have two set of pictures, A
and B, and two sets of people, X and ME.  Set X must not see pictures
A or else A, B, coputer, disc, job, car, wife, and kids are lost...
http://www.geocities.com/jidanni/ Tel+886-4-25854780

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