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Re: emacs hangs windows 2000 pro

From: Yong Lu
Subject: Re: emacs hangs windows 2000 pro
Date: 02 Dec 2001 21:33:08 +0800
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"John Sands" <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks for the info. I've disabled Norton Antivirus and I've been working
> for a few hours without a problem. I'll turn it on again tomorrow to see if
> the bug resurfaces. I'll report here if it happens again, hopefully with
> more info.

[a bit OT]

IMHO, "real-time" anti-virus monitor programs are quite useless, and
sometimes annoying, for a desktop pc.  I've seen cases when norton
anti-virus itself somehow got affected, and made it impossible to
run *any* programs, since norton installed a hook on .exe type files.
Generally, it's good enough if you handle "alien" files with care,
and scan your pc filesystem once per several weeks.

Just my 2 cents.



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