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previous-line-nomark and intangible text

From: Barman Brakjoller
Subject: previous-line-nomark and intangible text
Date: 2 Dec 2001 13:10:28 -0800

Is this a bug in the previous-line-nomark (from ps-select.el):

   When you have a region of intangible text, like this:

<This is some
intangible text.>

   And have the point here (yes, HERE in this paragraph), do a couple of
   previous-line-nomark:s and the cursor will "get stuck" ending up after
   the last bracket above. Try it out! I tested this in Emacs 21.1.  To
   get around this I use (forward-line -1) instead because it seems
   unaffacted, but I really would like to solve it another way.  The
   cursor never get stuck when doing some other cursor movement (down,
   right, left). 

   My guess is that is has something to do with the
   goal-column that previous-line-nomark uses according to the
   documentation (source code).

Is this a bug?


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