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Re: ESC DEL generates ESC C-d

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ESC DEL generates ESC C-d
Date: 03 Dec 2001 04:19:47 -0500
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>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Ortmann <address@hidden> writes:
> Could some modification to the C-h m help text be made that would say
> "try ESC BS if ESC DEL doesn't work"???

On X windows, there's no DEL and no BS key, there's only `delete' and
`backspace' (and sometimes `delete-char' I believe).
Emacs maps `backspace' to the DEL character (aka C-?) and maps `delete'
to either the DEL or the C-d character depending on the version
of Emacs and depending on your X server and your keyboard, ...

The `delete' key is typically labelled `delete' or `del', while
the `backspace' key is typically labelled `backspace' or `<-' or
`|<-' or `<-backspace'.

I think it's unfortunate that the DEL char corresponds most
naturally to the `backspace' key, but we can't change that easily.


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