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Re: emacs 21.1.1 aborts (dumps core) when exiting ediff (compare)

From: Jim Marks
Subject: Re: emacs 21.1.1 aborts (dumps core) when exiting ediff (compare)
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 15:34:32 -0800

Richard Stallman wrote:
> I followed your instructions, on GNU/Linux, and did not get a crash.
> It is not clear what that proves; I had to fill in lots of details
> which you did not precisely specify, and surely they were not the same
> as what you did.  Perhaps one of those details made the difference.
> Can you therefore send us a *precise* test case?  If I know I have
> typed the exact same thing you did, with the exact same data, then if
> it does not crash at least we could try to deduce something from it.
> The Bugs section in the Emacs manual explains what sort of
> information is needed for a truly precise test case.
>     Note: a very recent older version of emacs didn't exhibit this bug.
> What version was that?

Sorry for the delayed response -- on vacation for 2 weeks.

The reported emacs crash was due to a bug in one of the Solaris 9
X libraries.  It was encountered on a machine running a pre-Beta
build of the OS.  It appears to have been introduced during the
development of this release and got fixed prior to Beta.

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