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Re: Emacs-21.1: cwarn-mode doesn't highlight shift assignments >> =, <<=

From: Anders Lindgren
Subject: Re: Emacs-21.1: cwarn-mode doesn't highlight shift assignments >> =, <<=
Date: 04 Dec 2001 12:47:15 +0100
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Broadey Kevin-BKB003 <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Kevin, and the rest of the world!

> Couldn't resist a bit of elisp hacking!  Here's a diff to highlight
> <<= and >>=.  It also highlights the whole of the operator rather
> than just the =.  This makes it show up better IMHO.

I think that both your suggestions seems very reasonable.  I admit to
missing the ">>=" case.  Also, I didn't even consider highlighting the
entire operator, but it could easily be done.

> I'm not entirely happy with the regexp.  I had to stick "[^!<>=]" at
> the beginning to stop the = in comparison operators being
> highlighted.  It works, but I think there should be a cleaner way to
> catch a plain assignment "=".

An alternative is to let the regexp more (including plain comparisons)
and do a more algorithmical check in the "and" clause below the search.

    -- Anders (author of cwarn)
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