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Elisp info pages: incomplete description of search-forward

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: Elisp info pages: incomplete description of search-forward
Date: 6 Dec 2001 22:49:53 +0100
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 19:12:03 +0000
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In the description of search-forward (on the page "String Search") in the
elisp manual, appears the following:

     If REPEAT is supplied (it must be a positive number), then the
     search is repeated that many times (each time starting at the end
     of the previous time's match).  If these successive searches
     succeed, the function succeeds, moving point and returning its new
     value.  Otherwise the search fails.

I think the last sentence should read "Otherwise the search fails,
LEAVING POINT UNMOVED."  The other candidate for the Right Thing would
have been to leave point after the last occurence of STRING.

Alan Mackenzie (Munich, Germany)
Email: address@hidden; to decode, wherever there is a repeated letter
(like "aa"), remove one of them (leaving, say, "a").

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