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unhappiness in fill-paragraph, delete-indentation

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: unhappiness in fill-paragraph, delete-indentation
Date: 07 Dec 2001 15:51:22 +0800
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delete-indentation should be extended to operate on regions, e.g. this is
untouched by it:

        An A element cannot contain another A element, so one must be
        careful that named anchors do not contain link
        anchors. Authors can use both the NAME and HREF attributes in
        a single A element to avoid this problem.

Also fill-paragraph upon that region has no effect, until one removes
the spaces at the beginning.  Also mark-paragraph can't tell it is a
paragraph unless one removes the spaces too.  Also setting the fill
prefix to "        " doesn't help fill-paragraph, etc.

Yes, I probably don't know how the pros do things, but maybe I found
some non ideal things here in emacs 20.
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