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Re: [smtpmail.el] Encoding problem in smtpmail-send-queued-mail

From: Jesper Harder
Subject: Re: [smtpmail.el] Encoding problem in smtpmail-send-queued-mail
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 05:43:18 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Jesper Harder wrote:
>> > FWIW I agree that this patch probably isn't the right thing.  The
>> > file was saved using one coding system, so visiting it literally
>> > probably just happens to work for latin-1.
>> >
>> > It seems as if `smtpmail-code-conv-from' is not set when sending
>> > messages from the queue.
>> I've read the code a bit more carefully now, and I agree.  Binding
>> `smtpmail-code-conv-from' is probably the right thing to do.
> Could you please explain why do you think so?

I changed my mind again :-) 

I did some tests by sending utf-8 with CTE 8bit -- and binding
`smtpmail-code-conv-from' doesn't work in this case.  When I run
`smtpmail-send-queued-mail' Emacs asks me to select a coding system:

| These default coding systems were tried:
|   iso-latin-1-unix
| However, none of them safely encodes the target text.
| Select one of the following safe coding systems:
|   utf-8 raw-text emacs-mule no-conversion

I tried all the options, but none of them worked, i.e. the mail is
garbled when it arrives.

Changing `smtpmail-send-queued-mail' to read the file literally _does_
work for utf-8.

BTW, it should probably also be checked if feedmail.el works correctly
when queing 8bit messages with different charsets.

Jesper Harder

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