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Re: cosmetical - displaying lines exactly one window wide

From: Jeremie Petit
Subject: Re: cosmetical - displaying lines exactly one window wide
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 14:54:38 +0100


  I find this behaviour rather annoying too, and we can still imagine
possible solutions. Mine would be displaying a different cursor on the last
line character, say some bar cursor placed at the right end of the
character, or some cursor half wide compared to the usual cursor, still
placed on the last character of the line instead of on the next line...
Wouldn't that be [more] feasible?



Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> > Currently Emacs displays whole data line on line 1, on sidebar it
> > displays continuation mark, next line start with continuation mark, but
> > is empty.
> >
> > More logical is display whole data line on line 1, on sidebarnot to
> > display continuation mark and next line will display next line of data.
> I asked this question last July.
> Gerd replied that Emacs needed a place to put the cursor, and thus
> needed the next line anyway.
> I replied:
> :           If one were to place the cursor at the end of line on
> : such a line, it could go in the right fringe until a character is
> : actually entered.
> :
> : Perhaps this is difficult to code, I don't know.  But it is a
> : solution.
> to which Gerd said:
> : It's pretty difficult, indeed.  Nothing for 21.1, I'm afraid.
> Peter

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