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Re: M-x apropos should switch to its output buffer.

From: Steve Kemp
Subject: Re: M-x apropos should switch to its output buffer.
Date: 13 Dec 2001 03:23:45 -0800

(Eli Zaretskii) wrote in message 
> Why?  I usually just type "M-C-v" or "M-PageDown" to scroll the other 
> window without switching there.

   I'm just not used to the other-window commands, and find that the
 first thing that I do is switch to the other window and proceed from

  But that aside for the moment, lets assume that you're writing some
 code, or looking for the help for some function, say "scroll-other-window".

  So, you run apropos :  M-x apropos -> "^scroll" RET

  You see the apropos output buffer appear, and you scroll down, without
 changing buffers.  (Magically using the scroll-other-window command you
 don't know ;)

  Now what?  In order to actually see the help for this function you have
 to click, or select, the "Command:" text in the output buffer.

  With this in mind it seems sensible that you should have been taken to
 that buffer in the first place.

  (I realise I'm ignoring the case when just seeing the name of a function,
 or variable is enough - but for me, at least, that case is less typical).

> We could, of course, have an option which would switch automatically.

  That would suffice for me.


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