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Re: don't collapse two spaces at the end of a sentence

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: don't collapse two spaces at the end of a sentence
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 08:14:16 +0800
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Interesting.  Ok, then we should adopt emacs to HTML at least when in
html[helper, etc.] mode...

>>>>> "R" == Reitzel, Charlie <address@hidden> writes:

R> The HTML specs all require that multiple, adjacent whitespace characters be
R> collapsed into a single space character.  HTML developers everywhere quite
R> reasonably depend on this behavior.

R> -----Original Message-----
R> From: Dan Jacobson
R> Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 5:18 AM
R> To: address@hidden
R> Subject: don't collapse two spaces at the end of a sentence

R> Gentlemen, are your sure that you always want to collapse two spaces
R> at the end of a sentence into one?  Perhaps you can let us "opt out"
R> of it maybe?   Let's see what Stallman says:

R> File: emacs,  Node: Sentences,  Next: Paragraphs,  Prev: Words,  Up: Text

R> Sentences

R>    The Emacs commands for manipulating sentences and paragraphs are
R> mostly on Meta keys, so as to be like the word-handling commands.

R> [...]

R>    The sentence commands assume that you follow the American typist's
R> convention of putting two spaces at the end of a sentence; they consider
R> a sentence to end wherever there is a `.', `?' or `!' followed by the
R> end of a line or two spaces, with any number of `)', `]', `'', or `"'
R> characters allowed in between.  A sentence also begins or ends wherever
R> a paragraph begins or ends.

R> [...]

R>    If you want to use just one space between sentences, you should set
R> `sentence-end' to this value:

R>      "[.?!][]\"')]*\\($\\|\t\\| \\)[ \t\n]*"

R> You should also set the variable `sentence-end-double-space' to `nil'
R> so that the fill commands expect and leave just one space at the end of
R> a sentence.  Note that this makes it impossible to distinguish between
R> periods that end sentences and those that indicate abbreviations.

R> [Dan says: can we please not force us to mess with emacs defaults due
R> to tidy inflexibility?]

R> [By the way, i'm still to worried about BGCOLOR="black" etc. to use
R> newest tidy]
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