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patch to emacs/INSTALL to clarify mumbojumbo

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: patch to emacs/INSTALL to clarify mumbojumbo
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 17:20:29 +0800
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Patch to clarify the mumbojumbo

*** /home/jidanni/tmp/emacs-21.1/INSTALL.old    Wed Jul 25 23:49:09 2001
--- /home/jidanni/tmp/emacs-21.1/INSTALL        Sat Dec 15 17:15:55 2001
*** 113,118 ****
--- 113,121 ----
  contents of one subdirectory, which is present in the main Emacs
  distribution only in dummy form.
+ $ tar xzf emacs-21.1.tar.gz 
+ $ tar xzf leim-21.1.tar.gz 
  Once you have unpacked the Leim tar file into the Emacs source tree,
  building and installing Emacs automatically installs the input method
  support as well.  If you have built Emacs without unpacking Leim
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