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blink-cursor-interval: just plain inflexible

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: blink-cursor-interval: just plain inflexible
Date: 17 Dec 2001 15:01:14 +0800
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;; blink-cursor-interval:
*Length of cursor blink interval in seconds.

well ok, i can make it
on  5 seconds
off 5 seconds
on  5 seconds
off 5 seconds...

but not

on  5 seconds
off 0.5 seconds
on  5 seconds
off 0.5 seconds...

how inflexible.

---------------------------- and oh by the way, help says:
blink-cursor-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `frame'.
(blink-cursor-mode ARG)

Toggle blinking cursor mode.
With a numeric argument, turn blinking cursor mode on iff ARG is positive.
When blinking cursor mode is enabled, the cursor of the selected
window blinks.
------------------------------ OK, but:
you still have not explicitly said how to turn it off.  gotta be
explicit, not implicit.  use a non positive value, one guesses, but
you gotta say so for sure, as there may be some jurisdictions where
your NO WARRANTY doesn't apply, and when the king's son has a problem
due to blink-cursor, _you_ will be held responsible.

[note: do not send me any defadvice on this matter, this posting is
for nitpicking purposes only.]
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