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apropos inappropriateness

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: apropos inappropriateness
Date: 17 Dec 2001 15:17:26 +0800
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there is no parameter to apropos that will cause it to display more
than 2 lines of all found items.  if you want the full story you must
click each item.

And, there ought to be the more familiar search engine style searching
also available:

Search: cursor blink

which one currently must do
(apropos "apropos cursor.*blink\\|blink.*cursor" nil)
etc. to try to emulate.

Also, this apropos extract
  Variable: *Length of cursor blink interval in seconds.
  Plist: standard-value variable-documentation custom-tag custom-type 
blink-cursor-mode             M-x blink-cursor-mode RET
  Command: Toggle blinking cursor mode.
isn't very intuitive at the "blink-cursor-interval:" line -- mysteries
for the unordained.  there is a nice blank space to the right of it to
put a little "[something]" to indicate what that line is trying to say.
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