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"Feelings": Me and emacs 21 for the 21st century

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: "Feelings": Me and emacs 21 for the 21st century
Date: 17 Dec 2001 21:18:14 +0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1

i switched to emacs 21.1.  how could i rob you of my valuable first
impressions, as follows
[you see, i logged every little frustration, as these may be valuable
in improving stuff.]
misplaced terminfo crud?: emacs-21.1/etc/e

ok, i do src/emacs -q and I place the cursor over the scissors in the
menu bar and the words are to the left 1/2 off the screen.

M-x apropos should be able to find mention of --debug-init command
line option... ok, can look in info..

--debug-init should pop open .emacs or whatever in the other buffer,
  with cursor put on problem area.

--debug-init is helpless in the case of
End of file during parsing: /home/jidanni/.emacs

*VERY* disappointed with the "Top" and "Bottom" in modeline... only,
I do M-! seq 1 44 [if my screen is 42 tall] and move the cursor
around.  <escape> ! s e q SPC 1 SPC 4 4 <return> C-x 0 <escape> 42 C-n 
note how it still says top.... ok, it is talking about the whole

you know what's really funny, the *compilation* buffer, where SPC will
scroll down, but abc... are self-insert.  the compilation buffer i set
to be read only, as often i find myself editing it [looks like src,
mom].  how odd of emacs -q to set it so one can insert a b c... but
not SPC.  So: don't allow inserting abc either... I ask, what good
would it do to allow one to insert things in the *compilation* buffer?

Oh, and do (compile "date" ), notice now in this small buffer
type a b c SPC, gee "End of buffer".... guaranteed to make one think
the designer isn't so swift after all.  yes, end of buffer due to
wanting to scroll, but you already let me type a b c... so: looks
broken, therefore: make *compilation* read-only.  and make q quit out
of it.

custom mode: i click and the unhilighted 
choices menu is hardly readable.  i don't like custom mode anyway and
wish it would tell me how to get the same effect of a certain item
with just a old fashioned setq in .emacs. 
[end of day 1]
http://www.geocities.com/jidanni/ Tel+886-4-25854780

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